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We provide a safe, fast and easy method of testing individualcomponent leads

Our probes minimize the possibility of accident shorts and the Phosphor-bronze contact hooks are sheathed in the nylon body of the probe until exposure is needed.

Probes are easily attached to component leads being tested. Expose contact hooks by pressing the cap of the probe. Place on component lead and release for a safe and secure attachment.

Our probes are available in 4 different sizes from 1.63" to 3.56"

Our probes can be soldered to stranded hook-up wire and for additional details feel free to Contact us.


Micro-Probe-ItMicro-Probe-It (2 per pack)
ASP Part # Color Price  
PRO830-RD Red $ 4.00
PRO830-BK Black $ 4.00
PRO830-BU Blue $ 4.00
PRO830-GN Green $ 4.00
PRO830-YL Yellow $ 4.00
PRO830-WT White $ 4.00
PRO848A All (6pcs) $ 10.00
Mini-Probe-It (2 Per Pack)
Part #
Color Price  
PRO835-RD Red $ 4.50
PRO835-BK Black $ 4.50
PRO835-BU Blue $ 4.50
PRO835-GN Green $ 4.50
PRO835-YL Yellow $ 4.50
PRO835-WT White $ 4.50
PRO850A All (6pcs) $ 11.00
Maxi-Probe-It (2 Per Pack)
ASP Part # Color Price  
PRO845-RD Red $ 7.00
PRO845-BK Black $ 7.00